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"R.A.C." Box 
Artist unidentified; possibly Ransom Cook
"R.A.C." BoxArtist unidentifiedc. 1830–1840Probably Saratoga Springs, New York, United StatesPaint and bronze powder stenciling on wood with brass feet88.19
“We Come to Greet You/Gladly We Come” Sign
Artist unidentified “We Come to Greet You/Gladly We Come” SignArtist unidentified1875–1900United StatesPaint on wood and metal with applied metal and paper2015.1.122
1909 Hupmobile Weathervane
E. G. Washburne & Co./J.L. Mott Ironworks
Artist unidentified
New York City, New York, United States
Copper with traces of gold leaf
31 x 50 3/8 x13 3/4"
Collection American Folk Art Museum, New York
Gift of David L. Davies, 2008.3.1
Photo by John Parnell 1909 Hupmobile WeathervaneArtist unidentifiedc. 1909New York City, New York, United StatesCopper with traces of gold leaf2008.3.1
Little Boy
Nek Chand
2004.25.24Nek Chand1984Chandigarh, IndiaConcrete over metal armature with mixed media2004.25.24
Sam Doyle
ABE. KANESam Doylec. 1970sFrogmore, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, United StatesHouse paint on on plywood2002.4.10
Allegorical Figure: Flora
Artist unidentified Allegorical Figure: FloraArtist unidentified1840–1880Probably New York City, New York, United StatesPaint on wood2005.8.58
Anchor Plaque
Artist unidentified
Anchor PlaqueArtist unidentified1920–1950United StatesPaint on wood2015.1.26
Ann Beer Low Blanket Chest
Artist unidentified Anne Beer Low Blanket ChestArtist unidentified1790Pennsylvania, United StatesPaint on pine with iron hardware1981.12.4
Anniversary Tin: Apron
Artist unidentified Anniversary Tin: ApronArtist unidentified1880–1900Gobles, Michigan, United StatesTin1988.25.3
Anniversary Tin: Candelabra
Artist unidentified Anniversary Tin: CandelabraArtist unidentified1880–1900Hobart, New York, United StatesTin with sand-weighted base1984.29.1A
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