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Pickman's Mephitic Models
Paul Laffoley, (1935–2016)
Photo by Kent Fine Art Pickman's Mephitic ModelsPaul Laffoley2004Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesOil, acrylic, vinyl press type, India ink, photo collage, velvet drapes, and human thighbones on linen canvas2016.8.1
J.J. Cromer
Photo by Adam Reich
Plat XIIJ.J. Cromer2014Pound, Virginia, United StatesRed and black inks, colored pencil, and metallic ink on paper sheet from a 19th century penmanship workbook2016.6.1
Eunice Pinney
Photo by José Andrés Ramírez PlentyEunice Pinneyc. 1820Connecticut, United StatesWatercolor and ink on paper2014.9.1
Political Harvest Jug
Artist unidentified
Photo by Kristine Larsen Political Harvest JugArtist unidentified1857United StatesSalt-gazed stoneware with cobalt decoration2015.14.1
Young Woman of the Dewey Family
James Brown
Photo by Gavin Ashworth Portrait of a Woman, possibly Abigail DeweyJames Brown1806MassachusettsOil on canvas2016.12.1
Portrait of Francis Wilcox
Joseph Whiting Stock, (1815–1855)
Photo by José Andrés Ramírez
Portrait of Francis WilcoxJoseph Whiting Stock1845United StatesOil on canvas2014.6.2
Portrait of Mary Wilcox
Joseph Whiting Stock, (1815–1855)
Photo by José Andrés Ramírez
Portrait of Mary WilcoxJoseph Whiting Stock1845United StatesOil on canvas2014.6.1
Portrait of Two Children
Sturtevant J. Hamblin, (act. 1837–1856)
Photo by Barbara L. Gordon Collection Portrait of Two ChildrenSturtevant J. Hamblinc 1845Probably Boston, United StatesOil on canvas2015.5.1
Presidents Quilt
Ms. Clara J. Martin, (1882–1968)
Photo by Kristine Larsen Presidents QuiltMs. Clara J. Martin1964Mount Clemens, Michigan, United StatesWool with painted cotton canvas appliqué and cotton flannel back2015.2.1
Proud Family
Thornton Dial Sr.
Photo by Adam Reich

© 2016 Estate of Thornton Dial / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Proud FamilyThornton Dial Sr.1997Alabama, United StatesArtificial flowers, printed fabric, wire, rope, rubber, plastic, oil paint, clothing, glove, metal, and enamel2013.5.4
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