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Raphaël Lonné
Photo by Gavin Ashworth UntitledRaphaël Lonnéc. 1970Landes region, FranceInk on paper2009.3.2
Ronald Lockett
Photo by Adam Reich UntitledRonald Lockettc. 1988Bessemer, Alabama, United StatesPaint and wire mesh on plywood2013.5.8
Mary T. Smith
Photo by Adam Reich UntitledMary T. Smith1987Hazlehurst, Mississippi, United StatesPaint on wood2013.5.10
Untitled #700
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, 1910-1983
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Mixed media on masonite
24 x 24"
Collection American Folk Art Museum, New York
Gift of Edward Thorp and Susan Brundage, 2006.17.1
Photo by Gavin Ashworth
Untitled #700Eugene Von Bruenchenhein1958Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United StatesMixed media on Masonite2006.17.1
Untitled (Dog)
Bill Traylor
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth Untitled (Dog)Bill Traylor1939–1942Montgomery, Alabama, United StatesPencil, crayon, and poster paint on cardboard1990.1.1
Untitled (Doll in Blue with Pleated Skirt)
Morton Bartlett
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth Untitled (Doll in Blue with Pleated Skirt)Morton Bartlettc. 1940–1950Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesCast plaster, paint, altered wig, and fabric1998.10.6
Dust Bowl Collage
William L. Hawkins
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth Untitled (Dust Bowl Collage)William L. Hawkins1989Columbus, Ohio, United StatesHouse paint and collage on Masonite1998.10.27
Untitled (Horse and Rider)
Martín Ramírez
Photo by Adam Reich Untitled (Horse and Rider)Martín Ramírezc. 1948–1963Auburn, California, United StatesCrayon and pencil on pieced paper2013.4.1
Untitled (Jacket)
James Castle
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth Untitled (Jacket) (double-sided)James CastleEarly to mid-twentieth centuryBoise, Idaho, United StatesColored pencil on cardboard2005.17.1A
Untitled (Man with Umbrella)
Bill Traylor
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth Untitled (Man with Umbrella)Bill Traylor1939–1942Montgomery, Alabama, United StatesPoster paint on cardboard1998.10.55
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