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"Comitose Intuse"
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, 1910-1983
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth "Comitose Intuse"Eugene Von Bruenchenhein1955Milwaukee, WisconsinOil on2001.23.8
"ECB"  Feathered Stars Quilt
Artist unidentified "ECB" Feathered Stars QuiltArtist unidentified1850–1860Possibly New York State, United StatesCotton1985.36.1
"Ella" Crazy Quilt
Artist unidentified; signed "Ella"
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth "Ella" Crazy QuiltArtist unidentified1922United StatesSuiting woolens with cotton floss embroidery2006.4.1
"Lady Monster Walking"
David Butler
Photographed by Gavin Ashworth "Lady Monster Walking"David Butler1982Patterson, LouisianaSheet tin, paint, plastic, satin bows and copper wire1985.35.11
"MTD" Quilt Top
Artist unidentified; initialed "MTD" "MTD" Quilt TopArtist unidentified1842United StatesCotton2005.9.1
"R.A.C." Box 
Artist unidentified; possibly Ransom Cook
"R.A.C." BoxArtist unidentifiedc. 1830–1840Probably Saratoga Springs, New York, United StatesPaint and bronze powder stenciling on wood with brass feet88.19
"S.H." Crazy Quilt
Artist unidentified "S.H." Crazy QuiltArtist unidentified1885–1895United StatesSilk, ink, paint, and cotton with silk embroidery1985.23.4
"Sacret Bibel" Quilt Top
Susan Arrowood "Sacret Bibel" Quilt TopSusan Arrowood1875–1895Possibly West Chester, Pennsylvania, United StatesCotton, silk, wool, and ink, with cotton embroidery1986.20.1
[Self Portrait #7] Over Here
Luke Haynes
Photo by Gavin Ashworth [Self Portrait #7] Over HereLuke Haynes2013Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California, United StatesFabric, batting, and thread2013.2.1
“We Come to Greet You/Gladly We Come” Sign
Artist unidentified
Photo by José Andrés Ramírez “We Come to Greet You/Gladly We Come” SignArtist unidentified1875–1900United StatesPaint on wood and metal with applied metal and paper2015.1.122
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